NECA Business Development Seminar

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Convention, Featured Events


Pennsylvania Convention Center

Room Number: 118A

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Saturday, September 29    3:30–5:00 PM

Great Service Made Simple – Six Success Factors

In his 2017 book Great Service Made Simple, which has been praised in a lengthy collection of reviews accompanying its listing on, Sargent boils down the essentials in the delivery of every kind of great service to six main categories. In today’s presentation he translates the general lessons in the storyline of the book to specifics in electrical contracting service and maintenance with a number of takeaways that might come as a surprise to listeners.


  • Frederic B. Sargent

    Fred Sargent, President of Great Service Forums℠, began his career in 1970 in Pittsburgh-based Sargent Electric Company, which had been started by his grandfather in 1907. While the Company moves forward today under a successful team of professional owners and managers, for the past decade Sargent has dedicated his time and energy fully towards developing and promoting a business philosophy wrapped around service & maintenance as a winning strategy for union electrical contractors in today’s marketplace. From this he has coined the proverb, Never lose touch with a customer who somehow has managed to find you.

    Along with Virginia Tech professor Andrew McCoy, he co-authors a regular column on service & Maintenance in NECA’s Electrical Contractor Magazine.